Mission Statement

To exceed our home buyers expectations by designing aesthetically pleasing distinctive homes that are harmonious with their surroundings and bringing them to life by maintaining the highest level of workmanship throughout the construction process. All of which will be conducted in a safe manner without detriment to the environment

Company Vision

We at Lioncrest Homes approach every development from its inception with the thought ‘if we lived here how would we want it to look and feel’. By trying to perceive a development from the eyes of our customers we seek to differentiate ourselves from the high volume house builders. Hence, we never build the same home twice. We do not have ‘standard house types’. We do not have long lists of ‘optional extras’. We recognise that our customers are unique and each development is thus designed uniquely from scratch. We include what other developers deem as extras and it is these finishing touches that add a sense of style and give us great pride in the homes we create.

Our non mass-market philosophy brings inherent advantages in at that we can focus on select developments to which we can devote our undivided attention. Our size ensures that we are flexible and approachable. Our attention to the detail coupled with the highest standards of materials and workmanship culminates in our homes being of a far higher calibre than you get from the mass market developer.

Distinctive Design

Design takes centre stage at Lioncrest Homes. All our developments are unique and designed by professional architects. We take an active interest in the design process, adding value to architect designs wherever possible. We encourage our architects to use their natural flair and create distinctive and interesting designs.

We consider our design philosophy to be a key differentiator between Lioncrest Homes and other house builders. We do not believe in standard house types and design each home uniquely with the lifestyle of the home buyer at the forefront of our mind.

Our rigorous design checks focus on the most minute details such as the positioning of sockets or the specification of ironmongery. Marrying practicality with elegance, our homes offer lasting style and character. Installing quality finishes into our interior designs ensure that a Lioncrest Home will be a joy to live in.

Uncompromising Quality

Our uncompromising approach to constructing our developments manifests itself in the quality of the homes we build. Whilst many of the features that make our homes superior to other home builders may only be identified by the professional eye, there are other more obvious signs of the quality of our construction. Our exacting standards stretch beyond the mere quality of the finishes and go deeper into the fabric of our builds.

We often despair at the poor level of quality that is clearly apparent in some new build properties, especially on larger scale developments. Our aim is to set new standards with regard to what many buyers have become accustomed to.

All our homes are traditional masonry build which we consider provides greater longevity. However, we deploy the latest materials to meet and exceed industry standards. The union of traditional construction with contemporary materials and finishes is a hallmark of a Lioncrest Home.

After Sales Policy

The Lioncrest Homes dedication to building distinctive and high quality homes stretches beyond the mere build and into our approach to after sales. We are not a large faceless developer. Due to our size we are very approachable. All our home buyers will be allocated a Lioncrest Homes Director with whom they can have direct contact. We pride ourselves on being responsive and flexible in order to delight our home buyers.

All our homes are sold with a New Home Buyers Handover Pack which provides everything that you need to settle into your new home.

Home buyers also have the additional piece of mind that Lioncrest Homes are a NHBC Registered Builder and Developer with our homes being covered the NHBC 10 year New Homes warranty.